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RXPE Circuit

RXHK combines breakthrough technologies with steadfast engineering support to reliably handle complex power management challenges.

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Reliable, Competent, Effective

Our technical solutions and wraparound engineering support mitigate power management challenges associated with electric utilities, renewable energy and industrial applications.

A leader in advanced technologies such as Flexible AC Transmission Systems (FACTS), our portfolio includes landmark EPC and turnkey power grid projects. Innovation is central to our offering. We have developed several ‘world first’ solutions which stretch the boundaries of power electronic engineering. And we have a proven track record delivering successful outcomes for demanding applications.


With our International Team headquartered in Manchester UK we employ a skilled international team of power industry professionals. We provide a complete service spanning engineering, procurement and construction management, through to operations and maintenance. The team works tenaciously and intelligently to master complex applications and extreme environments.

Our collaborative ethos and a visionary management team underpin solid foundations and strong financial standing. We are capable of handling multiple projects simultaneously.

World markets

We are experienced in global operations and adept at navigating logistical challenges and issues related to administration, tax, import/export and shipping. We also understand the complexities of working in remote areas with poor infrastructure.

Operating in accordance with globally recognised ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and SA8000 standards, we comply with all mandatory national regulations.

World Markets

Corporate Social Responsibility

Enterprise ethics are central to our business. Operations are rooted in a ‘continual improvement’ philosophy which applies equally to technical innovation, global citizenship and corporate governance. Our goal is to deliver far reaching benefits for customers, employees, investors and the global community.

A Rongxin Huiko Group Company

RPL (Rongxin Power Limited) is a wholly subsidiary of Rongxin Huiko Electric Technology Co. Ltd ( and a member of the RXHK Group of Companies. 

The Group has a heritage of more than 50 years’ experience in the design, supply and manufacture of advanced power electronics to solve today’s power management challenges.

The RXHK business activity started as a division of Rongxin Power Electronics Co. Ltd in 2005 to focus on technologies based upon high power clamped press pack IGBT devices. In 2015 Rongxin Power Electronics Co. Ltd acquired Shenzen Montnets Technology Co. Ltd and in August 2016 the joint group was renamed Montnets Rongxin Technology Group (MRTG).

In June 2017 MRTG sold RXHK and its subsidiaries to the RXHK management team.


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