Advanced Technologies, Expert Implementation 


RXPE Circuit

Development History

In 2005 Rongxin Power Electronics established a ‘High Power IGBT Technology’ business line in Anshan China . This business line, which has subsequently become the independent business RXHK, commenced the development activities for a high power clamped IGBT devices. It’s first milestone was the design and successful testing of the world’s highest power Medium Voltage Convertor (MVC), rating 7500kW in 2008.

In 2009 the High Power IGBT Technology team secured a Chinese state funded R&D project to develop the necessary technology for a 35kV ±320Mvar STATCOM. This was a technology that China Southern Grid (CSG) had identified was required to manage the risk of voltage collapse in the case of commutation failure in one of the several large HVDC converter stations feeding into the CSG grid in Guandong. As part of this R&D project the team evaluated the range of power electronics devices available and based on its superior performance across a range of features selected the Press Pack IGBT device.

In 2011, under a seperate design and manufacture contract, the team successfully delivered its first MMC technology STATCOM (±320Mvar).