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Flexible AC Transmission Systems enhance the reliability and efficiency of AC electrical grids. Benefits include improved controllability and power transfer capability.

RXPE is a world leader in large scale, utility grade FACTS. We have a higher installed base than any other supplier and have pioneered, then proven the efficacy of, new approaches. Many of the largest, most powerful FACTS in operation today were developed, installed and commissioned by RXPE.

FACTS solutions:

RXPE FACT Solutions

Smart VSC-HVDC Transmission

Efficient conversion of electric energy between DC and AC is critical to power transmission. Voltage Source Converters offer significant advantages for both HVDC and MVDC systems, with their ability to control active and reactive power independently.

VSC innovation underpins some of RXPE’s most advanced installations. Our solutions overcome significant technical challenges, such as those associated with multi-terminal links. Visits can be arranged to reference projects for our established VSC solutions and our 36MW VSC-HVDC Demonstrator. 

Smart VSC-HVDC Transmission solutions:

RXPE VSC Transmission

Voltage Source Converters (VSCs)

The compact footprint of Voltage Source Converters coupled with their ability to enhance harmonic performance is leading to their deployment in a diverse range of applications.

Optimising harmonics improves energy efficiency, delivering financial and environmental benefits. VSC has become an important enabler for the improvement of industrial motors, railway electrification systems and wider industrial, infrastructure and transport applications. 

RXPE has a strong portfolio of patented solutions involving VSC technology. 

Voltage Source Converter (VSC) solutions:

RXPE VSC Convertors