Advanced Technologies, Expert Implementation

Advanced power management technologies, robust engineering support.

  • China Southern Grid Letter of  Appreciation
    Application Focus

    CSG have issued RXHK with a Letter of Appreciation for their part in bringing the WuDongDe UHVDC…

  • Port Augusta Renewable Energy Project STATCOMs Contract Award
    Application Focus

    Elecnor have awarded a contract to RXHK for the supply of STATCOM systems for Iberdrola's Port…

  • Baihetan-Jiangsu UHVDC Transmission Project Contract Award
    Technology Focus

    Award of contract for supply of 2 sets of ±400kV/1000MW HVDC converter valves, water cooling system…

  • Guangdong B2B Contract Award

    RXHK awarded a contract for 4 off 300kV 1500MW VSC-HVDC valve and control systems