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RXPE Circuit

RXHK produces outstanding primary and secondary turnkey designs - from the ground up.

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Electricity Power Lines
Electronic Design Plan

Engineering & design

Our iterative process facilitates cohesion between design engineering and project management. The full spectrum of activity is covered, from earthworks, foundation details and civil works to earthing systems, steel structures and general yard arrangements. Protection and automation systems are also supervised by our team.

To complement in-house engineering resources and manpower, we collaborate with renowned engineering and management groups. It’s essential that all parties work collaboratively to deliver optimal end results. So we select the best engineering and manufacturing partners with proven capabilities and retain the lead role to ensure we meet all international codes, standards and technical specifications.

In this line of work, there is no room for error. Our strict adherence to QA/QC ensures superior standards from the initial design stage through to installation, commissioning, testing and commercial operation. We use advanced engineering software for all necessary designs and calculations.

System studies

Our design engineers are empowered by detailed system studies that use the latest proven technologies.

Systems studies and calculations that we deploy include:

  • Load flow
  • Short-circuit
  • Motor starting
  • Insulation coordination
  • Bus calculations
  • Transient stability
  • Electromagnetic transient analysis
  • EMF
  • Grounding and lightning protection
  • Renewables grid integration


In-depth system studies enable our engineers to adapt solutions for small footprints, in line with relevant International Electro-technical Commission and local standards. We can also upgrade existing power electronic facilities.


We always use certified, approved suppliers and manufacturers, checking integrity and quality at every stage of the procurement process. We have extensive experience in both international sourcing and local procurement of quality goods, materials, equipment and services. And we operate in strict accordance with International Electro-technical Commission standards as well as relevant country specific and project standards.


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