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RXPE Circuit

A team of engineers from, the Danish national transmission system operator, visited a converter station in China's Sucheng district on Monday 25 January. Nanao visit.jpg

Sucheng converter station is part of a multi-terminal VSC-HVDC system supporting Nan'ao Island's grid reinforcement and wind power plant.

The system, which went online in December 2013, represents a significant milestone in the development of power transmission technology. Comprising three converter stations connected by subsea DC cable, land DC cable and overhead DC line, it reduces transmission losses, increases network security and eliminates the need for reactive power compensation when incorporating wind power generated on the island into the onshore grid. 

At Sucheng, engineers witnessed RXPE's 200MW HVDC valve and control package in operation. RXPE also provided station controls for the three terminals as well as the overall multi-terminal control system. 

On the following day, the engineers visited the RXPE production facility in Anshan. Here they inspected power modules and valve levels which have been manufactured by RXPE for the China Southern Grid Luxi 1GW 350kV VSC-HVDC back-to-back converter station located at Luoping, Qujing in Yunnan province. Electrical installation for this project started on 28 October 2015.