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19th July 2021

Ten Year Anniversary of the RXHK 35kV, ±200Mvar STATCOM at Dongguang Substation Going Into Service

In July 2011 China Southern Grid (CSG) took over the RXHK supplied ±200Mvar STATCOM installed at the Dongguang 500kV substation and it formally entered service.

The CSG network is characterised by multiple LCC HVDC infeeds to large demand centres characterised by high inductive loads. In case of commutation failure or other loss of infeed from the HVDC systems there is a high risk of voltage collapse. CSG chose to procure MMC STATCOM technology to help mitigate this risk, knowing that the speed of response available from MMC technology STATCOMs was superior to SVC technology. 

As it enters it's eleventh year of reliable operation the RXHK STATCOM continues in its mission to keep the CSG network stable.  

Dongguang 10 Year Anniversary.JPG

The Dongguang installation is one of four such systems delivered by RXHK to CSG.