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The compensation plant using the RXPE (RXHK since 2017) MAXIVAR™ Utility grade STATCOM will be the largest in Africa and in the world providing ± 300MVAr Dynamic Reactive Compensation for wind power integration.

Manchester UK, January 12, 2015: RXPE announced today that it has been awarded an EPC contract from Lake Turkana Wind Power to provide engineering, procurement and construction of the Dynamic Reactive Compensation Plant (±300Mvar MAXIVAR™ Utility grade STATCOM) for the Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) onshore wind farm. LTWP comprises the construction of 365 wind turbines, and is expected to be Africa's largest wind power plant expected to be commissioned in 2017.

The project’s 310MW wind farm is expected to save Kenya about € 115 million in fuel imports annually and is expected to produce the equivalent of about 15 percent of the country’s current electricity consumption.

The RXPE MAXIVAR™ Utility grade STATCOM is the most advanced and reliable large scale STATCOM currently available for Dynamic Reactive Compensation. The project will be the first for RXPE in the Kenya and is essential for maintaining grid code compliance, injecting and absorbing reactive power into the local distribution system and ensuring that the LTWP Windfarm remains connected to produce a reliable source of clean energy, reduce air emissions and help tackle climate change. Construction of the Dynamic Reactive Compensation Plant will begin in 2015 year and is expected to be completed by 2017.

RXPE has installed Dynamic Reactive Compensation in several other African nations including South Africa and Mozambique and are committed to excellence and quality delivered in a safe and sustainable manner. This is achieved through the dedication and flexibility of our staff. RXPE is the largest producer by volume of SVC’s and STATCOM’s and specializes in the power electronics and high power dynamic reactive compensation sector. The MAXIVAR™ STATCOM is currently the world’s largest capacity Statcom with an installed rating of ±320MVAr and purpose designed for transmission utility applications. The company is at the forefront of technological development in the field of utility based power electronics. RXPE’s in-house development team works closely with clients and academia to improve and develop innovative solutions.

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