Advanced Technologies, Expert Implementation

RXPE Circuit

Baihetan-Jiangsu UHVDC Transmission Project Contract Award

Award of contract for supply of 2 sets of ±400kV/1000MW HVDC converter valves, water cooling system and other equipment for the…

Guangdong B2B Contract Award

RXHK awarded a contract for 4 off 300kV 1500MW VSC-HVDC valve and control systems

WuDongDe UHVDC Scheme Commercial Operation

The WuDongDe hybrid UHVDC multi-terminal scheme has been put into full commercial operation on 27th December 2020.

Prominent Hill Success

Successful completion of commissioning at the OZ Minerals Prominent Hill mine

Stockyard Hill Handover

Successful completion of STATCOM commissioning at the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm

Longmen 5GW VSC-HVDC Converter

The 800kV 5GW Longmen Converter Station project continues to progress. The LV hall (0 to 400kV) is now complete and under test.