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CSG Guangdong Power Grid B2B HVDC Project Award


RXHK has won Package 1 - HVDC Converter Valves and Auxiliary Equipment of the CSG Guangdong Power Grid B2B HVDC Project. The bid opening took place at the end of November 2020.

This project will see four 1.5GW 300kV B2B converters installed in two converter stations constructed in Guangdong province. One converter station will be located in Dongguang, the other in Zengcheng District of Guangzhou City. RXHK will supply one valve and control set for each B2B converter.

The full scope of supply is 4 sets of ±300kV/1500MW HVDC converter valves including valves cooling systems, starting resistance and neutral resistance, valve control system, lifting maintenance platform, valve hall insulator, AC and DC fittings, spare parts and special tools.

Completion of this project will significantly improve the power transfer capability in the southeast and southwest regions of Zhuhai, effectively resolving the problem of excessive short-circuit current in the Guangdong Power Grid. This will reduce the risk of AC-DC interaction and large-scale blackouts in the Guangdong Power Grid, and ensure the safe and reliable power supply in the Dawan Area, which in turn will support the economic and social development of the area.

After completion of the project the converter stations will be the world's largest indoor B2B HVDC converter station (2×1500MW per unit).