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Stockyard Hill Handover


28th October 2020


RXHK are proud to announce the successful commissioning of their STATCOMs at Stockyard Hill Wind Farm.


Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions the commissioning plan has to be rapidly adapted using local Australian commissioning resources supported remotely by RXHK’s out of country commissioning engineers.  This approach was successfully delivered working in close partnership with the commissioning team to help mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the overall commissioning plan.

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The Stockyard Hill Wind Farm is located in Victoria, Australia and comprises of 149 wind turbine generators. This contract was the second to be awarded to RXHK in the Australian market in 2018/2019.  The STATCOM and harmonic filter equipment was all delivered, installed and cold commissioned within the required very demanding timeframe, with the energised commissioning aligned with the overall substation site commissioning.


The RXHK design and supply contract was for eight off ±8Mvar 11kV water-cooled STATCOM with 2.7x short-term overload capability, along with the supply of five 25Mvar 33kV C-type harmonic filters for the overall windfarm harmonic performance and reactive support.  A key part of this project was for RXHK experts to work as part of a joint modelling team to help verify the overarching voltage control scheme as part of meeting the demanding AEMO and GPS requirements.  This included the delivery of AEMO compliant PSSE and PSCAD models of the STATCOM equipment as well as support of the site model verification activities.


The STATCOM equipment supplied has been designed to be installed and operated in accordance with the local Australian environment and conditions, and in compliance with AS, IEC and local regulations and standards.


At RXHK we are proud to be simultaneously supporting Australia to reach its climate change goals and keeping the electricity system stable and efficient through the delivery of efficient, robust and cost effective solutions. 

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