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MVDC infrastructures offer advantages for decentralised power sources and abundant loads. RXHK has a strong track record in both back-to-back systems and multi-terminal links.

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SMART VSC MVDC Transmission

Medium Voltage Direct Current (MVDC) forms an additional layer between transmission and distribution level voltages. It significantly enhances efficiency and potential applications are diverse.

In the renewable sector, MVDC can form a robust yet flexible platform for the interconnection of many sources, including wind and solar. Another application is the direct connection of renewable resources with power conversion equipment. This is ideal for linking-up remote offshore platforms and windfarms where the use of cables brings technical challenges and heavy cost implications.

MVDC also has the strength and capability to relieve constraints in high-load areas of the distribution network. Emerging abundant loads demanding direct current, such as data centres and electric vehicle charging stations, will be a major beneficiary of MVDC developments. 

Technical requirements surrounding sources and loads of electricity are becoming increasingly complex. As the situation continues to evolve, RXHK’s Smart VSC-MVDC solutions are set to become an important enabling technology.

Technical details

The core advantage of MVDC is its combination of high-power density and enhanced power control. VSC-based MVDC systems can be highly optimised for precise operation, enabling more efficient power and energy usage. RXHK provides 5-50kV Smart VSC-MVDC systems for network capacity management and to minimise fault level issues.

VSC-MVDC demonstrator

RXHK has a 36MW VSC-HVDC Demonstrator for long-term testing of our technologies; contact us if you’d like to visit this facility and witness VSC in operation.

Technical parameters

Rated capacity 1MVAr to +10MVAr
DC voltage +/-20kV
Transmission length 40km to +100km
  • Large loads
  • Offshore DC grids (e.g. collector fields for offshore windfarms)
  • Small scale industrial networks

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