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RXPE Circuit

Baiyun Power Group (BPG), a Top 100 Chinese Machinery Enterprise, injected CNY120,000,000 (USD 18,933,600) into Rongxin Huiko Electric Technology Co. Ltd (RXHK) on February 28th 2018, in return for a 30% shareholding in RXHK. This capital injection further strengthens RXHK and allows the future development of RXHK to be accelerated. A new chapter has been opened in the cooperation between RXHK and BPG, to together make a better future.   



Investment Signing Ceremony of BPG and RXHK


Introduction of BPG

Since 1988, BPG’s focus has been on power equipment manufacture.  In that time BPG has become a Top 100 Chinese Machinery Enterprises and a Top 10 Chinese Electrical Industry Competiveness and Chinese Industry Pacesetter Enterprise. 

BPG is a SSE 380 company, registered on the Shanghai Stock Exchange with code 603861.

Today, BPG is headquartered in Guangzhou and has established 8 major manufacturing bases in 5 regions in China including Guangzhou, Nanjing, Guilin, Jinzhou and Hangzhou. The products and services of BPG’s subsidiaries and affiliated companies cover the field of power transmission, power transformation, power quality improvement, electrical energy saving, etc.

The product and services include 110kV and above AC/DC glass reinforced plastic/composite/electric porcelain insulator, capacitor banks, instrument transformers, bushings, isolating switches, cable, transformers, rail transit integrated supervision control systems, intelligent building control systems, new energy grid connections, large capacity fast charging system etc.

The BPG products and solutions are widely applied in Chinese state infrastructure and major city projects, such as major grid upgrading projects and urban & rural power grids for SGCC (State Grid Corporation of China) and CSG (China Southern Power Grid) and power generation projects developed by the top 5 domestic power generation groups, and CGNPC (China General Nuclear Power Group). BPG products and services have also been exported to Canada, India, Brazil, South Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, Pakistan and other countries.

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