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This latest development is a milestone in the progress of international HVDC technology and highlights RXPE (now RXHK)’s capabilities as an international entrant and leader in advanced power electronic solutions.


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PRLog (Press Release) - Dec. 26, 2013 - On 25th December 2013 the Chinese national project of a three terminal flexible HVDC for Southern Power Grid (CSG) was placed into operation. This benchmark project is siutated on Nan’ao Island in Shantou city in the Guangdong province of China. This event is significant in the industry as RXPE has overcome the intricacies of the control and protection technologies of multi-terminal flexible HVDC which was the industries toughest problem to solve. China now becomes the first country that fully master the whole series of core technologies (design, test, commission and operation) for the HVDC industry.

Rongxin Power Electronic Co. Ltd (RXPE) assumed the research and development, design and manufacturing tasks for main converter valve, control & protection system. The success of this project means that RXPE leads in the world in the field of flexible HVDC technology.

Flexible HVDC technology is one of the most advanced electric power technologies. It has been brought to the attention of the world's major developed countries. There are limited public related technical papers and materials on this subject. Multi-terminal flexible HVDC is more complex than point to point or two terminals’ HVDC.

The Nan’ao multi-terminal flexible HVDC project, has a designed capacity of 200MW and the DC voltage level is ±160kV. It is the world's first flexible multi-terminal HVDC project.

It has major technological significance in the history of HVDC transmission and sets the foundation and new standards for TSO and DSO in the world.

This project will provide a safe and efficient solution for long-distance large-capacity DC transmission, large scale clean intermittent power supply, multi DC in-feed and power supply for isolated offshore systems or to remote areas.

This latest development is a milestone in the progress of international HVDC technology and highlights RXPE’s capabilities as an international entrant and leader in advanced power electronic solutions.

RXPE’s previous world records include

STATCOM - In early 2011, Rongxin Power Electronic Co, Ltd commissioned the world largest STATCOM rated at a robust ±320 Mvar, setting a world record for the largest Dynamic Reactive Compensation STATCOM and due to its success in service the company subsequently installed a further three in the critical HVDC network.

About RXPE

Rongxin Power Electronic Co. Ltd.
Is one of China’s key high and new-tech enterprises, a listed company with stock code 002123. Rongxin specialises mainly in research and development, design, and manufacture of high-power electronic devices.
Its’ products cover the full grid transmission system ranging from reactive-load compensation equipment, filters, series compensators, transducers, converters and HVDC transmission.

Rongxin Power Engineering JLT
Rongxin Power Engineering (RXPE) is a leading international developer and provider of high voltage power electronic solutions. RXPE is a subsidiary of the public listed company Rongxin Power Electronic Co. Ltd and operates internationally as one of the largest high voltage power electronic solutions and construction companies.

RXPE specialises in delivering turnkey and EPC solutions for the electricity supply industry; providing system studies, design, procurement, construction, commissioning and project management of complex installations. Solutions include flexible AC transmission systems (FACTS) such as SVC, STATCOM and series compensation projects, voltage source converter DC transmission and distribution systems, protection and high power automation systems, including renewable energy integration, supported by project maintenance solutions.

RXPE has rapidly built a formidable reputation as an electrical infrastructure development company, driven by qualified engineers, with an impressive global footprint. Numerous projects have been successfully completed for a long list of notable energy, power and utility companies and our experience extends to collaborating with governments, utilities, municipalities and the industrial sector.

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