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RXHK Continues to Deliver for Long Distance Gas Transmission Projects

March 2021

The China Russia East Natural Gas Pipeline Project is a joint project of CNPC and Gazprom, including the Siberian natural gas pipeline in Russia and the China Russia east pipeline in China. The natural gas pipeline starts from East Siberia, Russia and enters China near Heihe City, Heilongjiang Province. The total length of the pipeline in Russia is about 3000 km, and the new pipeline in China is 3371 km.

Gazprom Schematic.png

Source: Bloomberg

The China Russia East pipeline (Changling to Yongqing) starts from Changling station and ends at Yongqing compressor station. It passes through 30 counties (cities, districts) in Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Hebei, Tianjin and five other provinces in China. There are 9 process stations along the pipeline, including 4 compressor stations (Shenyang, Jinzhou, Tangshan, Yongqing) , 5 off load pigging stations / liaison stations (Shuangliao, Tongliao, Panjin, Qinhuangdao, Baodi).

Xinhua Compressor.png

Source:Xinhua News

RXHK has designed, manufactured, supervised the installation and commissioned 9 sets of 20MW high-power, water-cooled VFDs in the following three long-distance pipeline compressor stations: Tangshan compressor station, Shenyang compressor station and Jinzhou compressor station.

Jinzhou Compressor VFD.jpg

Jinzhou compressor station-RXHK high power VFD

Shenyang Compressor VFD.jpg

Shenyang compressor station-RXHK high power VFD

Since delivering 25MVA drives in 2013 for the Gaoling compressor station in the east section of West to East natural gas pipeline, RXHK has successively provided 64 sets of large power water-cooled medium-voltage VFDs (with a total capacity of more than 1200MVA) for China’s national pipeline network such as China Russia east pipeline, Shaanxi Beijing fourth pipeline, Sichuan to East pipeline and other pipelines. RXHK continues to provide high quality and efficient products and services for China's national gas pipeline network.