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Three Gorges/CGN Rudong Offshore Wind Power Flexible DC Transmission Demonstration Project

±400kV 1100MW Symmetrical Unipolar Onshore Flexible DC Converter Valve

October 2019

Rongxin Huiko Electric (RXHK) has just won an order to supply 1 set of ±400kV 1,100MW VSC HVDC converter valves for China Three Gorges’ (CTG)/CGN Rudong Offshore Wind Farm demonstration project. The scope of supply includes the valve, including all insulators and AC-DC hardware fittings, together with the valve cooling and auxiliary system, valve control system, access platform for maintenance, spare parts and special tools, for installation at the onshore converter station.

The equipment is scheduled to be delivered to site by September 2020.

This project is the fifth VSC HVDC contract awarded to RXHK and follows on from their supply to other VSC technology application leading projects including:

  • Nan’Ao – World’s first multi-terminal VSC – HVDC scheme
  • Luxi – World’s first parallel LCC and VSC Back to back converter station
  • WuDongDe – World’s first hybrid technology point to point sending (LCC) and receiving (VSC) scheme 

               Rudong Map.jpg            

The CTG New Energy Corporation’s Rudong offshore wind farm HVDC demonstration project is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province on the northern edge of the Yangtze River Delta. The project, with a total installed capacity of 1,100MW, is comprised of three wind farms, of which the owners are China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) Nantong Limited and CTG New Energy Corporation Nantong and Rudong Limited.

The electric power generated by the three offshore wind farms is transmitted to three separate offshore AC substations via 35kV marine cable and transformed to 220kV before it is further transmitted to the offshore converter station. The electric power is converted to DC and then transmitted to an onshore converter station via a single, two core ~100km ±400kV marine cable. After being converted to 500kV AC in the onshore converter station, the electric power finally flows into the China State Grid Jiangsu power network.

This project is regarded as “Three Gorges in the Sea” for its 106km coast line and 6,000 square kilometers ocean resources. When fully operational it will be the largest offshore in Asia. This is also the first offshore wind power HVDC transmission project outside of Europe.

Rongxin Huiko Electric (RXHK) is a dedicated power electronic equipment manufacturer. With a history of innovation for over 12 years, RXHK is today a leader in VSC-HVDC, STATCOM and high power electric motor drives and operates from factories and offices in China, India and the UK.