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June '20

Longmen 800kV 5GW Converter Progress Update

On 30th August 2018 China Southern Grid awarded RXHK a contract to design and build a VSC-HVDC 800kV 5GW valve for the hybrid HVDC scheme to link the WuDongDe hydro-electric power plant in Yunnan province to the load centres in Guangdong province. This will be the largest VSC-HVDC valve in the world when commissioned.

The valve is designed to be installed in two separate valve halls, a LV Hall (0 to 400kV) and a HV Hall (400kV to 800kV). Over the last month or so RXHK engineers have been busy on the site at Longmen in Guangdong province supervising the installation of the LV Valve.

Manufacturing of the HV part of the valve, which was originally type tested in June 2017, is already underway and this equipment will  be shipped to site later this year.

LongMen LV Converter Hall.jpg