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Superior technical expertise is the cornerstone of RXPE’s advanced solutions for railway electrification systems.

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Modern high-speed rail traction systems exert heavy and complex loads on supply grids. The rise in traffic on existing tracks combined with new high-speed rail projects makes rail traction an increasingly important load. 

Conversion of electric power from the grid to supply traction current for railways can be fraught with problems. Challenges range from low power factor and large bus voltage fluctuation to harmonics pollution and negative sequence current. 

Protecting the stability and security of the power supply requires sophisticated technologies supported by exceptional engineering skill. RXPE delivers on both counts. We have developed and implemented successful dynamic reactive power compensation solutions for traction substations and traction converter plants around the world.

Technical details

Catenary systems usually involve trains drawing power between two phases. This causes imbalance and can result in a deterioration of power quality which is harmful to the traction system. The heavy and varying consumption of reactive power by locomotives can also result in sagging and fluctuating catenary voltages. These problems can have a knock-on effect throughout the supply grid, disturbing other users.

RXPE’s traction converter solutions provide dynamic voltage support to maintain heavy traction capability despite weak feeding. They also boost efficiency of the catenary system, enabling the avoidance of harmful voltage drops.

Technical parameters

Rated capacity 3MVAr-30MVAr plus
Motor voltage AC 6kV to 35kV
  • Traction substations
  • Traction converter plants

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