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Our sophisticated medium voltage variable frequency drives take energy efficiency to a higher level.

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MV Variable Frequency Drives

RXPE’s high power medium voltage variable frequency drives (Super HVCs) deliver significant energy saving benefits for industrial applications involving large electric motors.

Our advanced Super HVC technology is both compact and cost-effective. This minimises the footprint of the drives and reduces upfront investment, making them an attractive and credible alternative to fixed speed models.

In addition to the cost and energy saving advantages, our Super HVCs have a high power factor and superior reliability. Optimised motor control also reduces stress placed on the mechanical components of machines, enhancing their life expectancy.

Technical details

Our MV VFDs benefit from H-bridge topology, advanced IGBT power module series multilevel technology, digital control and synchronised pulse width modulation (SPWM). They also incorporate superconducting heat pipe cooling, voltage multi-module series technology and vector control. 

Available with air cooling in the lower power range and with optional water cooling in the medium to high power range. RMVC 5100 drives are also available mounted within a customised container, with self-contained sealed cooling systems, providing the highest IP class ratings for hostile environments as well as providing greater convenience and ease of installation and commissioning.

The RMVC 5100 family of drives is particularly suitable for retrofit applications as well as applications requiring long cables to the motor. The medium voltage output is achieved directly without the need for an output transformer, which is particularly important to achieve high motor torque at very low speeds.

On the motor side, the drives provide almost perfectly sinusoidal motor current so there are no concerns regarding overheating in the motor or torque pulsations on the motor shaft. The output voltage waveform is multi-level PWM making it close to sinusoidal and compatible with standard motor and cable insulation systems. It does not induce any significant stray currents in motor bearings which can otherwise cause early motor bearing failure. This is all achieved without the need for sinusoidal output filters in all but the most exceptional circumstances (extreme cable length).

Technical parameters

Rated capacity 200kW to 14MW
Motor voltage AC 3 to 13.8kV

MV VFD applications

Industries Applications
Cement, mining and minerals Grinding mills, conveyors, fans and pumps
Chemical, oil and gas Compressors, extruders and pumps
Metals Blast furnace blowers, fans and pumps
Pulp and paper Fans and pumps
Power Generation Gas turbine starters, ID/FD fans and pumps
Water Pumps
Renewable Energy Wind turbines, tidal and wave energy generation
Other applications Test stands, wind tunnels, marine drives

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