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With more than 30 international installations, we are an established leader in STATCOMs. The high-power Maxivar™ model takes reactive power compensation to a new level. Our portfolio includes the world’s largest and most powerful systems, located across Australia, China, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Serbia, South Africa and the UK.

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Our high power Maxivar™ Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM) breaks new ground in the provision of high-power density, high-redundancy reactive power compensation.

Superior levels of availability meet the stringent requirements of large-scale renewable energy projects and critical electricity transmission and distribution applications. In addition to its built-in redundancy, the solution offers self-starting and voltage-balancing without the need of an external power source or equipment. 

The Maxivar™ STATCOM is at the pinnacle of innovation in high-power semiconductors and converter topologies. Its proven capabilities are attracting much attention from utilities and renewable energy organisations handling challenging large-scale projects. Operating references include Ørsted's Race Bank and Burbo Bank windfarms in the UK as well as the Lake Turkana Wind Power Project in Kenya and PGCIL projects in India.

RXHK is dedicated to ongoing innovation in power engineering solutions. The Maxivar™ STATCOM evidences how that commitment translates into heightened capability and reliability.

Technical details

The Maxivar™ STATCOM is the ultimate in Flexible AC Transmission Systems. It brings major advantages surrounding reliability as well as improved dynamic performance, extended operating range and an adjustable power factor at the point of common coupling. The transformer-less device uses cascading multiple single-phase H-bridge PWM converters in each phase. And its AC voltage is almost sinusoidal, so it requires no harmonic filters.

Core capabilities include rapid response to disturbances and smooth voltage control over a wide range of operating conditions. Its significant built-in redundancy underpins availability exceeding 99.6%.

Technical parameters

PCC voltage Up to and including 500kV
Valve voltage Ranging though 6kV / 10kV / 27.5kV / 35kV
Capacity 8MVAr to 1000MVAr plus
  • Large-scale renewable energy projects
  • Electric utilities: transmission and distribution

Systems are factory-tested in our high-voltage full loading test centre.

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