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We are at the forefront of SVG / STATCOM technology developments. Our installed base is larger than that of any other supplier and our skilled engineers work tenaciously to overcome complex power issues with breakthrough solutions.

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With high levels of performance, efficiency and reliability, Static Var Generators (SVGs) / Static Synchronous Compensators (STATCOMs) represent the next generation of Flexible AC Transmission Systems.

We pioneered SVG / STATCOM technologies and have a proven track record in their successful implementation. These fast-acting devices can produce or consume reactive power more quickly than AC capacitor banks, reactors or SVCs. They also have a higher power density than SVCs, making them ideal for applications or locations where space is limited. 

The compact footprint of our SVG / STATCOM means it can be containerised for ease of deployment and relocation. This brings significant advantages in utility and industrial scenarios where geographical requirements for reactive power compensation can shift over time. Such operational flexibility makes the SVG / STATCOM a key enabling technology for utilities companies faced with the complex task of reinforcing weak grids. 

Experienced power engineers and project managers ensure seamless specification, supply, installation and commissioning of our advanced SVG / STATCOM technologies. We can also convert existing reactive power compensation installations from SVC to SVG / STATCOM.

Technical details

The SVG / STATCOM is a voltage source converter (VSC) using insulated gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) or insulated gate commutated thyristors (IGCTs) to achieve reactive power compensation. 

Compared to traditional SVC technology, the SVG / STATCOM offers faster response, stronger flicker restrain capability, lower harmonic content and a wider range of operation. SVGs / STATCOMs also have a more balanced ratio between capacitance and conductance than SVCs, which enhances their constancy. And as well as having a smaller footprint, they have fewer internal components, reducing maintenance requirements.

Technical parameters

PCC voltage 500kV plus
Voltage 6kV / 10kV / 27.5kV / 33kV
Capacity 2MVAr to 20MVAr plus (connected in series to provide higher ratings and redundancy)
  • Electric utilities: transmission and distribution
  • Renewable energy: grid code compliance for smaller projects
  • Heavy industry (steel, mining, cement): shredding and crushing, welding
  • Infrastructure: traction, harbour cranes, utilities

Systems are factory-tested in our high-voltage full loading test centre and come with high efficiency heat pipe cooling and optional closed loop pure water cooling.

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