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RXPE Circuit

Situated in the central western part of China, State Grid Corporation of China's (SGCC) Yu’e project consists of four ±420kV/1250MW VSC-HVDC back-to-back interconnections linking the power grids of Chongqing city and Hubei Province. The total power exchange capacity of the scheme is up to 5000MW.

Awarded their contract in May 2016 RXPE are responsible for the design, manufacturing and commissioning of one of four back-to-back converter interconnections and the control & protection system.

Valve level testing has been completed and manufacturing is underway.

Yu'E Valve Test Item.jpg 

Commercial operation will commence in 2018. Upon completion, this project will further enhance the power exchange capacity between the two SGCC transmission systems and contribute to increased power supply security and reliability.

Once in operation RXPE will provide the maintenance service for the valves and controls.