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RXPE unveils the world's most powerful STATCOM MAXIVAR™ MAXIVAR™ - STATCOM is a technological breakthrough.

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PRLog (Press Release) - Oct. 18, 2011 - Rongxin Power Electronic (RXPE) Press release, Trade & Technical Press

The world’s most powerful STATCOM - MAXIVAR™ entered service on 26 July 2011 in China Southern Grid, Guangdong Dongguan Substation. Developed by Rongxin Power Electronic, the Static Var Generator (STATCOM) is also the world’s most powerful with a total reactive power output of 640 Mvar’s.

As the worldwide electric utility industry moves forward with deregulation, utility transmission systems are reaching their limits, making the need for reliable power greater than ever. STATCOM technology can enhance transmission system control, reliability, and operation, and also improve distribution-system power quality.

FACTS as defined by the IEEE, "a power electronic based system and other static equipment that provide control of one or more AC transmission system parameters to enhance controllability and increase power transfer capability."

RXPE continually innovate to increase the effectiveness and longevity of products, while improving efficiency, saving space and reducing costs for our customers. For over 45 years, RXPE has delivered solutions to the industry and through our experience and focus we can fully design, manufacture and supply FACTS solutions.

Products manufactured by RXPE include:

  • TCSC ( Thyristor Controlled Series Compensation)
  • SVC in industry distribution systems
  • Large capacity SVC for power systems
  • New reactive power compensation devices (STATCOM)


STATCOM is defined as a static synchronous generator operated as a shunt connected SVC who’s capacitive or inductive output current can be controlled independent from the AC system voltage.

As the successor of the SVC, the STATCOM owns even prevailing performance with faster response, stronger voltage stabilizing capability, wider operating area for transmission capability and transient voltage limit improvement, lower harmonics, lower system losses and smaller size.

STATCOM’s fundamental configuration is 2-phase or 3-phase self-commutated bridge circuits adopting full controlled power electronic semiconductor devices (like IGBT and IGCT). Through reactors the STATCOM is connected in parallel to the grid. By adjusting the output voltage amplitude and phase angle or direct controlling AC side current, the STATCOM can absorb or generate reactive power according to the load’s requirements or the grid voltage level.

The interaction between the AC system voltage and the inverter composed voltage provides the control of the STATCOM output. When these two voltages are synchronized and have the same amplitude and phase angle, the active and reactive power outputs are zero.

By injecting or absorbing reactive power in a fast way (response time from 1 to 5 ms) enhances power flow control and stability in the electrical line compared to SVC (response time typically more than 10 ms)

Research and Development

RXPE owns a team of experienced experts and engineers and is willing to join our efforts with all clients to promote its advanced technology and high quality products, and is devoted to stabilizing power networks and upgrading green power.

Relying on solid technical ability, RXPE embarked on the research of HV large capacity STATCOM’s since 2005.

In 2006, the main controller utilizing DSP of TI TMS320F2812 and the SVG test bench was completed successfully.

In 2007, the first SVG for a traction power station application was successfully placed into service.

It provided reactive power compensation without the dependence on the AC system voltage. By controlling the reactive power, the STATCOM can stabilise the power system, increase the maximum active power flow and regulate the line voltages.

Faster response makes STATCOM suitable for continuous power flow control and power system stability improvement.

  • RXPE - 1st Generation – 2 levels PWM 500V power unit.
  • RXPE - Multilevel PWM unit.
  • RXPE - MAXIVAR™ – patented Multi level chain link topology, 1.5kV power unit.

Adaptation for multi chain link topology

RXPE’s MAXIVAR™ STATCOM is a major breakthrough for electrical power transmission and distribution. It extends the power available to suit the new generation of utility networks while combining the benefits of proven, reliable voltage source converter design with the complete flexibility of IEGT/IGBT based multi chain-link topology.

Highest individual power module Transformer-less STATCOM developed by RXPE

Rongxin Power Electric Co., Ltd research and development program develops industry-leading technologies and has designed and manufactured the highest individual power module STATCOM available worldwide. This advanced energy smart transformer-less STATCOM uses cascading multiple single-phase H-bridge PWM converters in each phase. The AC voltage of the STATCOM is almost sinusoidal, so that it requires no harmonic filters.

The STATCOM has the capability of selfstarting and voltage-balancing without any external power source or equipment.

This innovation in the field of high-power semiconductors and converter topologies, including modulation schemes and redundancy options, has set a new benchmark and will influence future developments of high-power voltage source converters.

The MAXIVAR™ - STATCOM offers substantial system advantages, such as increased availability, improved dynamic performance, extended operating range, reduced line harmonics, and an adjustable power factor at the point of common coupling, a justification why voltage source converters will replace thyristor-based converters in a wide range of applications.

RXPE MAXIVAR™ - STATCOM delivers the first ever;

  • Highest individual power module set STATCOM, total 320 MVar each.
  • Highest power STATCOM in the World, 35kV total 640 Mvar.
  • First IEGT/IGBT, low loss high power chain-link STATCOM.


  • AC voltage of the STATCOM is almost sinusoidal
  • Requires no harmonic filter
  • Transformer-less
  • Low loss (PP-IBGT or IEGT) Faster operation at lower system voltages
  • Applications of equal inductive and capacitive Vars Allows phases to be controlled independently during system disturbances Incorporates two redundant converter modules to increase availability
  • Can be supplied as a re-locatable container based package for maximum operational flexibility Reduced size with minimal construction traffic and works (Less than 1/3 of a SVC footprint)
  • Minimises visual impact and lowers audible noise Reduced maintenance needs with high reliability Full output current available at low system voltages (typically >0.28pu)
  • Availability > 99.6%
  • Capability of self-starting and voltage-balancing without any external power supply
  • Modularisation of the power module, control hardware and software can cover a wide range of applications with different technical requirements economically.
  • Rapid response to disturbances, Smooth voltage control over a wide range of operating conditions, Voltage support in the substation region, thus improving transmission reliability and local power quality.
  • A significant amount of built-in redundancy (i.e., any one or more of the modules or groups can be out of service while all others remain in operation at full-rated capability).