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RXPE Circuit

RXPE has started a collaboration with DIRAM SA de CV in Mexico based on a strong alignment of values and technical expertise.

Founded in 1993, DIRAM is the most experienced company in Mexico in the field of reactive power, offering energy savings and power quality solutions. Their proposals are customer oriented, embodying in every single one their commitment to quality, value for money and post sale service.

DIRAM, in collaboration with the RXPE SVC business, are already delivering two power quality installations for steel works in Mexico.




During week commencing 27th November a joint team from RXPE's STATCOM business, Rongxin Huike Electric Technology Co. Ltd (RXHK), and DIRAM met with a number of existing and potential clients in Mexico City. As part of that visit to RXPE were shown some of the key landmarks, including the Monument of Independence.

The photo below is of RXPE's Business Development Director, Richard Cooke, together with Luis Ramon, President of DIRAM and Victor Rebolledo, DIRAM Sales Manager and features "La Reactiva", the artisan beer brewed by DIRAM at their offices in Monterrey, Mexico.


RAJC with Luis Ramon and Victor Rebolledo.jpg