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RXPE Circuit

RXPE is pleased to announce the completion of type testing of its 800kV 5GW VSC HVDC valve in accordance with IEC62501. This type testing programme covered power module, valve level and valve tower testing and was witnessed by DNV GL.

This is the first VSC HVDC valve type tested for operation at 800kV and doubles the power density of RXPE’s previous generation of VSC HVDC valves through its use of 3kA power modules.

This is the latest VSC HVDC innovation from RXPE which started with its involvement in the delivery of the largest converter and the overall system control in the first multi-terminal VSC HVDC project globally. This spirit of innovation then continued with the successful commissioning in 2016 of a 1GW 350kV VSC HVDC converter in the world’s first implementation of a Hybrid VSC/LCC back to back, rated at 2GW.